About Reverend Rita Atlas

Reverend Rita

I was happily married to my husband for over twenty eight years. I have one daughter, two step-daughters and five grandchildren. Family and friends are very important to me. However, at some point, I realized how important spirituality was. This led me in 2004 to become ordained at All Faiths Seminary in New York as an interfaith minister. My ministry has brought me great joy and satisfaction and I like to believe that I am able to share my joy with the people for whom I create ceremonies.


I believe that every ceremony is a special occasion and you therefore should have a special ceremony. I create ceremonies that are designed specifically for you. They incorporate rituals that have meaning to you. These ceremonies are created to give everyone present a sense of who you are. If this is a wedding or commitment ceremony, everyone present will better understand the love that the two people have for each other.

If this is a funeral ceremony, people will walk away with a real sense of who the deceased person was. The ceremony will put the mourners in touch with the unique qualities that made the deceased special.

If this is a baby naming, the ceremony will be created to express the absolute joy that is present with the birth of a baby.

Whatever the ceremony is, I will work with you to ensure that you have a ceremony that is special and represents who you are. I will meet with you and together we will create a wonderful ceremony for you.